sneasoning, snalt

From reddit:

Full shot glass of snot evaporated

Every once in a while my allergies get so bad that my nose will drip non-stop for hours/days. So one day while watching some movies I placed a shot glass under my dripping nose, it filled up pretty fast. It looked no different than a shot glass filled with water, I was curious what would happen if I left it out to evaporate. After a month or two these salt ‘snot crystals’ were all that was left.

The full thread, complete with a photo, is in the link above – but what’s relevant is the comments.

malgoya: Hehe, did you grind this up to use as a seasoning?
epsilon022: Sneasoning.
happyhank: Snalt and peppa

Is this blending with snot, or is it the combination of sn- ‘nose-related’ phonestheme with pre-existing words?

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